Monday, August 6, 2012


Seek the horizontal truth of colours,
A story about the struggle between spirit and physic.
Born at Kunhimangalam, a village in Kerala, India, in 1969. Father is Kannan dharman and mother is Janaki kannan dharman.
Healthy and normal baby when one year old. But later, legs were paralyzed due to poliomyelitis. Financially poor parents struggled to run around many doctors for treatment. But all their attempts failed miserably.
When brother and friends left for school, started drawing pictures to escape from loneliness. The drawing books of brother and calendars depicting pictures of gods were primary inspiration. With little finger, drew lines and figure on white and soft sand in the courtyard of house.
Later, polio struck hands too. For few months, could draw no pictures at all. Totally lost in darkness. During those days, studied self to use teeth to remove blanket from body and for similar needs. It helped to think why doesn’t use teeth instead of hands for creating imagination on canvas. Gradually started painting with the mouth and practiced it thoroughly. Mother gave her careful assistance for this attempt. Eventually became experienced in mouth painting. However, unable to study art formally or purchase proper art materials because father was the only earning member in the family.
The year 1988 was a turning point in life. Due to myopia, consulted Dr. Jayanth, a well-known ophthalmologist in Kannur, Kerala. The Doctor told about AMFPA, an International Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists based at Liechtenstein. Later, submitted few of paintings and profile to AMFPA. Mr. Felix wiessinger, represents from AMFPA, visited to approve ability in mouth painting. Within a few days, received information that AMFPA has selected as its student member. Started sending works to Liechtenstein regularly and occasionally AMFPA selected paintings for reproduction. By their financial support, started to draw in canvas and use costly art materials. In 1989, got an art teacher, a well-known portrait painter K.T.Narayanan Master. His guidance and advices were precious not only for art but for life.
In 1991, AMFPA invited to participate in the Asian artist’s summit in Taiwan: the first international trip! From 1992, during every Diwali season takes part in the Demonstration camp at AMFPA franchisee in Mumbai, India. In 1993, National Award honoured as ‘OUTSTANDING YOUNG INDIAN’
Conducted many solo exhibitions all over India:
In 1993: Town Hall, Kozhikkode, Kerala
In 1994: Indian School of Art, Kochi, Kerala (April)
In 1994: Town Hall, Kannur, Kerala (September)
In 1995: Nehru Arts and Science College, Kanhangad, Kerala
In 1996: Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (First time)
In 1997: Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai
In 1997: Gallery Leela, Mumbai
In 1999: Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (Second time)
In 1999: Kala Academy, Goa (June: First time)
In 1999: Kala Academy, Goa (December: Second time)
In 2000: Taj Residency, conducted by Ability, Chennai (Exhibition cum auction)

Group exhibitions:
Moreover, invited for workshops, demonstrations and speech based on art and philosophy, by various government and non government organizations all over India.
In 1995, moved from old house to the present studio-cum-residence. The congenial environment here helps a lot to lead a creative life positively. In1997, opened a cultural centre here called “Niram” means “colour “in order to foster creativity in children.
When suffocated with the size limitation of mouth painting, designed a rotating easel in 1998 and father (was a carpenter) made it with wood. With this easel, could overcome size limitation and started to draw and paint with ease even in a 4x4 feet canvas.
In past, very much interested in drawing the pictures of Gods and goddesses in childhood. The traditional atmosphere in family might have influenced to do so. Gradually attracted by the scenic beauty of village and shifted towards landscape and flower study. Later, with guidance of Mr. K.T. Narayanan master, learned anatomy, animals, birds and other objected studies. When started reading books seriously, Salvador Daly’s paintings inspired a lot and canvas filled with surrealistic images. At present, has developed a style of own which can express and share the feelings and emotions.
In 2006, initiated to form an organisation called “FLY without wings” with open minded friends to help to overcome all type of limitations, especially mobility limitation, of fellow youth and selected as its coordinator. FLY took these fellow friends out of their limitations of movements, and organized the get together camps, outings, creative workshops, arts and music programmes and co-life with the mainstream society etc. for them since 2006.
Though never had any school education, passed Matriculation in 1990 by self-study and completed graduation in literature from the University of Calicut, Karala in 1998, by distant education.
Caring of parents, well-wishers and their valuable advice and encouragement, friends who accompanied for programmes and above all own experiences enlighten to lift up from inferiority to individuality.
Once detested life, even thought of putting an end to meaningless existence, now learnt one thing – fate is illusion in front of supreme eyes of present... By that energy waves, life is flowing smooth through so-called dirty ways and flowered path….